Sabato mi sposo! Mi sposo con Giulia.

Ne ho fatte tante con lei, e tantissime altre conto di farne.


In bici e moto:




Parco dei Cento Laghi, Appennino parmense.


Sardegna con la Multistrada.

Al mare:





E in montagna:


Giro del Monte Bianco.

Half Dome

Yosemite valley, Half Dome.


Scialpinismo in Val …

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not jargon

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From a review of a soft-science book appeared recently on the New York Times:

Though the authors occasionally lapse into jargon (their barnacles cling to “substrate” until the animals die and their six-plate shells “become disarticulated”)

Substrate and disarticulated jargon? Maybe I've been away too long, but it seems to …

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Mac OS X Lion, System Preferences/Language, click su "Edit List" e cosa trovi:

Nnapulitano ???

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egypt and the terrorists

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Last Thursday I arrived in the States, and I went through the usual US border immigration procedure. The agent, after careful examination of my passport with lots of Egyptian visa stamps, says:

  • Been to Egypt a lot, ah ?

  • Yes, a few times but it's been more than a year since …

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google doodle italy

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Aways enjoyed Google's doodles. This one is dedicated to my beloved/hated country, so I thought to hold on to it and put it here.

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paper to draw comics

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What kind of paper do you use, what kind of pen and ink?


Well, I use the old Strathmore vellum surface paper, which is the best paper you can get in the Western world for ink line drawing. It has a good, hard surface. I have it mailed …

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First experiments with the Pinwide by Wanderlust. I used it for a few shots last weekend, tried to use it as a normal lens during a bike ride from Milano to Lecco along the river Adda. I soon realized that pinhole photography needs far more care and attention to get …

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sense of relief

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"I felt a sense of relief at his unshaven face and scruffy clothes. I have rarely seen a more disreputable bunch."

-- Ed Hillary (the Everest guy) about Eric Shipton (another great mountaineer and explorer), as reported in the fantastic 2-part history of Everest written by Ed Webster (Alpinist issues 26 …

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packed onto a subway

"Being packed onto a subway or a bus or even stuck in your car in traffic makes you feel like cattle, and that's an awful way to feel. If you never want to feel like a cow again start riding your bike."

-- Bike Snob.

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