architetti al lavoro bis

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(Questa è una copia del post dal nome analogo che trovate appena prima; unica differenza è il trattamento tramite VSCO delle fotografie, a riprodurre il look della pellicola Fuji 800Z).

Un sabato mattina a Parma c'erano degli architetti al lavoro.

Nel frattempo, Valentina imparava il mestiere.
Arrivata l'ora della merenda …
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I went to Jordan in the middle of September 2013 for work and managed to take some photographs; this is a small selection (I have some more on flickr).

In the first section here I tried to capture the aura of the Dead Sea. I will have to go back …

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un anno in compagnia

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Il 4 agosto Valentina ha compiuto un anno.

L'abbiamo festeggiato assieme ai soliti amici con cui abbiamo passato tanti altri momenti assieme:

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weekly snaps 17

Date Series Part 16 of weekly snaps Tags photo

There is a thin line that connects these photographs, but I also put a couple that I just enjoyed as they were (if only to stay true to my original intention of using these posts to display photographs that do not fit into a larger story).


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on sloppy street photographers

Street photography is real big now. All photographers do street photography. Everybody talks about it. But this is really getting on my nerves. I mean, these trivial shots of everyday life covered with fine-art pretensions given by a bland conversion to black and white -- it's really unnerving.

I am looking …

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google calendar activity tracker

It's been years since I started using Google Calendar to keep track my sports activities. I guess there are countless apps to do this but all I needed is something basic that I can access from anywhere. Since I already have synced my iPhone with Google Calendar, I can basically …

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weekly snaps 15 / atmosfere

Date Series Part 14 of weekly snaps Tags photo

There is a certain kind of photograph that creates a particular atmosphere, and even though it may not be related to actual weather events, sometimes it does.

Here there are a few of these "atmospheric photographs"; they were all taken within walking distance from where I live.






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weekly snaps 14 / san siro

Date Series Part 13 of weekly snaps Tags photo

San Siro, Milan-Napoli. Il calcio non mi interessa ma vedere una partita del genere tra le prime in classifica resta un'esperienza che colpisce per l'intensità del tifo e la partecipazione della gente. Per non parlare dei soggetti che si incontrano e delle occasioni fotografiche che ti ritrovi servite nel proverbiale …

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